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Dating can provide valuable experiences and insight into what type of men are out there. It can help you find out what you like and don’t like in a potential partner. However, the search for that special someone can be frustrating. You might even have come to the point where you’re willing to date anyone who comes your way just to be in a relationship.

However, if you’re a smart woman, you know you’ll never settle for less than you deserve. Many men out there should be avoided at all costs. You might or might not have dated these types of men in the past, but there’s no need to date them in the future. There’s still time to change your ways and wise up before it’s too late and you waste your time with a bad guy.

Worst Single Men in Portland to Date

Life’s too short to end up dating guys like this. Let our Portland Singles dating experts show you the worst single men in Portland to date. These guys should be avoided like the plague.

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1. The Commitment Phobe

He can be charming, mysterious, and friendly—he can be all that you ever wanted in a man. The only problem is that he’s terrified of commitment. There’s a part of you that wants him to change, but deep down inside you know he never will. He enjoys the ride but is not willing to settle down. Stop wasting your time with a guy who is not willing to commit to you.

2. The Control Freak

This guy buys you a nice dress and tells you to wear it on the next date. You love this grand gesture, until he tells you what to order, what to talk about, what to say, and how to behave. Well, well, well, you landed yourself a control freak. He wants to be the boss in the relationship and doesn’t mind telling you to do things his way. Ladies, be careful because this is the type of guy who can become abusive.

3. The Jerk

This guy will stand out in a pack of other guys because he’ll be the leader. Whether it’s in the office, the club, on the field, or just anywhere, he’ll stand out like a sore thumb. He will be overbearing to the point it becomes annoying. He might even get into a barfight just to be in the spotlight.

4. The Momma’s Boy

Yes, we know you want a man who knows how to treat his mother, but if he’s a momma’s boy, you need to walk away. This is the type of guy who can’t make a decision without his mother. And if you want a relationship with him, you’re going to feel like the third wheel.

5. The Cheater

Ladies, this guy is the worst type of guy to come across in the Portland dating scene. He’ll lie, deceive, and work his way into your bedroom. If you meet a guy who cheats on his girlfriend with you, get real. If he cheated with you, he’ll cheat on you too. Do yourself a favor and walk away from this cheater today.

6. The Free-Loader

He might look the part and wear nice clothes and shoes and be well put together. However, the free-loader is actually looking for a woman who pays for everything. He will charm you just so you can fall into his trap and pay for everything. He will shower you with love and expect gifts in return.

7. The Cheapskate

Unlike the free-loader, the cheapskate will pay but only for his own meal. That’s right, this guy will take you on a date and suggest you split the bill. He might even break out a calculator to do it. You can’t expect gifts from him—or anything for that matter. He has a job that pays well, so it’s not that he can’t afford it, he’s just that cheap!

Ladies, there are some great guys out there, but you need to stay away from the bad ones. Now that you know what type of men to avoid, remember to stay clear of them and save yourself the heartache.

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