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Here at Portland Singles, we know women. And women can often be complex creatures. Sometimes their emotions and hormones will fly all over the place and everyone around them needs to hang on for the wild ride. They sometimes want their boyfriend to be near them and yet far away from them. Most women have that one best friend they confide in and give them every little detail of their lives. All these things tend to drive most guys insane, and not in a good way.

While most of us have busy lives, we should try to mindful the fact that there may be things we do, maybe even without knowing, that ends up hurting our relationships.

Today, our professional matchmakers here at Portland Singles are going to show you the top things that women do that drive men crazy.

1. Telling the best friend everything.

Most of us have that one best friend we tell everything too; every single little detail of our life. While it is good to talk to people about what’s going on your life, sometimes there is such thing as sharing too much information. As long as you’re safe in your relationship, having some mystery can really be a good thing.

It can be challenging to not tell your best friend about every fight you had with your boyfriend. But hang on just a minute… Think about how you would feel if your boyfriend was sharing that information with his friends. Would you want his friends to know all about your fights and everything you do in privacy?

2. Leaving your hair in the tub.

One issue that many females have that tends to drive man crazy is how our hair gets everywhere – especially all over the tub or shower. It is not something that we do intentionally, but it is really gross for men. Investing in a drain catcher can be a wise move here, especially if you have a lot of hair that falls out when you wash it.

3. Allowing major mood swings to take over.

Being a woman comes with many different obstacles, including mood swings. Sometimes people, especially guys, don’t know whether they should run away or buckle up for a wild ride. Thanks to our hormones, we can sometimes have more mood swings than Mother Nature. Being a little more mindful of how we act can really help in keeping our relationships in good shape.

4. Being too critical of yourself.

Not all guys chase after the damsel in distress. Not every woman exudes confidence, which is understandable – especially with Hollywood setting the bar way too high on what we see as beautiful.

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, but it can drive guys crazy when their girlfriend is way too critical of herself. Having to constantly reassure your partner of their worth can be a tiresome job.

5. Expecting him to read your mind.

Women have this off-putting tendency of thinking that their boyfriends can read their minds. We have to remember that they can’t do this, no matter how much we wish they could. If we need or want something, the best way to go about it is to tell them right away. This will help avoid miscommunication and unnecessary arguments in the relationship. Plus, your boyfriend will highly appreciate it.

Are you guilty of any of these five annoying behaviors? If so, it’s time you cut them out of your life today. Keep your relationship going strong by being more aware of your bad habits – believe us, it’s these bad habits that drive men away.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in Portland, contact our matchmakers today and let us help. Let Portland Singles introduce you to quality singles in Portland who are relationship-ready and compatible with you.

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