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Our Portland Singles matchmakers know that nothing in life compares to the feeling you get when you’re dating someone new. You’ve spent countless hours analyzing everything between you and your new love interest. A new era seems to be on the horizon for you. You’ve finally found the ideal guy, and everything in the world feels amazing.

Suddenly, you hear the muffled sound of your love interest saying that he wants to take things. Wait, what was that? … He doesn’t want to rush anything.

If multiple thoughts are going through your mind, you’re not alone. On one hand, you’re feeling admiration for your guy for talking about the future of the relationship. On the other hand, you might be feeling a little scared because you don’t know if he wants something long-term or not. You’re up in arms and unsure what to do.

Fear not! Today our Portland Singles matchmakers are going to show you valid reasons why a guy might want to take things slow in a relationship.

1. He wants to see if you guys mesh.

Believe it or not, interacting with your potential partner in real life can be strange at times. You may have spent hours talking and even hanging out. But experiencing life together can be a challenge. Your guy could want to take things slow to see if you guys are compatible in other areas of life. He wants to see if there is really compatibility between the two of you. He wants to know that you guys mesh well before taking things any further. This is actually quite admirable.

2. He’s busy with other commitments.

Keeping in mind that we aren’t the only thing going on in our partner’s life may seem obvious. But for women, it’s easy to get lost in our own fantasies when we are just beginning to date someone new. We want to be the first and last thing on their mind.

As disappointing as it may be, sometimes a guy understands he doesn’t the time to give us all that we’re truly worthy of when it comes to attention. He may want to take things slow so he focus on other aspects of his life.

3. It takes him a while to adjust.

As much as we would hate to admit it, even if we feel like we’re really clicking with someone, wrapping our heads around getting to know someone can be time-consuming. After all, you two were once strangers, and adding a new person into your life will mean making some adjustments.

If your guy seems as though he’s acting shy, he might simply be adjusting to you. In the beginning stages of dating, it helps to be mindful of how long it can take for some guys to open up to others.

4. He doesn’t want to make a mistake he previously made.

A new relationship symbolizes starting from zero, ground level. It means a fresh start. Chances are, both of you have been in past relationships where things didn’t work out so well. Moving on and realizing you’re ready to be with someone new is a huge step. Don’t be surprised if your guys is a little cautious in the beginning.

5. He really wants it to work.

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. Sometimes a guy will take it slow when he is hopeful for the romantic future of a relationship. In other words, he doesn’t want to mess it up. If your new love interest is taking things slow, he could just be taking his time to ensure it works. He wants to build your relationship on a strong and solid foundation.

So why do you think your new guy is taking it so slow? Is it because he wants to ensure things between the two of you work out? Or is it because he doesn’t have time to commit to something serious right now?

If you’re struggling to meet guys who are serious about dating, let us help.

Let our Portland Singles matchmakers introduce you to single men in Portland who are relationship-minded and ready to settle down. Contact Portland Singles Dating Service today and let us introduce you to the area’s most desirable bachelors.


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