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Have you ever wondered why despite having a friendly relationship with your girlfriend she left you for someone else?

Have you ever thought about why your girlfriend didn’t see you as her life partner?

You can’t always blame women for being unfaithful or complicated. Maybe she is unable to find what she is looking for in you. Maybe she is not seeing that you are a gentleman. Maybe she is not comfortable with the fact that you are just a boy and not a real man.

While referring to the term “gentleman,” we don’t mean to judge a man in terms of his economical background or social standards. Being a gentleman is a complete lifestyle and comes across in your everyday behaviors and gestures. As a well-established Portland matchmaking service, we know you have to be a gentleman in today’s modern dating scene. So how do you do that? How do you become a modern-day gentleman?

Today, we are not going to refer to acts of chivalry to become a gentleman. You already know you should be doing those polite things, such as opening doors and letting her order first. We are going to focus on the mindset of a true gentleman – a man with class, who is well aware of his social, spiritual and emotional being. Read on and discover how to become a true gentleman.

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1. Be composed all the time.

Boys these days are irrational in their approach with others. They boast about their sexual interactions, they hook-up with more than one girl to show off their masculine powers, they are intolerant towards everyone around, they don’t let go of any chance of humiliating others, they take pride in abusive language, and they offend people just because.

A true gentleman is the complete opposite of all those things we just rattled off above. A gentleman is composed at all times, in all his dealings with others and with every walk of life. He will never lose his cool no matter what. A true gentleman is respectful and kind to everyone he comes in contact with and doesn’t take pleasure in putting others down.

2. Be humble.

With success in life comes confidence, and with confidence comes arrogance and a sense of superiority. Many guys today consider themselves superior to others and also humiliate and look down at people in their personal and career life.

How can a girl have respect for a guy like that?

A true gentleman is humble with everyone he meets, regardless of his power or authority. Their superior position doesn’t hinder him from being modest and humble with everyone he meets.

A true gentleman doesn’t see himself better than everyone around.

3. Have impeccable speech.

Men these days don’t really give importance to this important aspect of being a true gentleman; their speech, vocabulary and mannerisms. It is common to see men all dressed up in designer clothing, but when you talk to them, you find them swearing and bragging. That’s not a true gentleman.

A true gentleman has impeccable speech, knows what he’s talking about and takes responsibility of his every word. His vocabulary also matches with his gentlemanly personality.

4. Be respectful.

The whole idea of being a true gentleman can be covered in one simple word: respect. A true gentleman is always respectful to himself, to people around him and to the people he wants to be around. Regardless of social backgrounds or spiritual beliefs, a true gentleman respects everyone.

Being a gentleman is much more than being chivalrous when out on a date. Being a gentleman requires finesse and respect in all aspects of life. If you want to be successful in your dating life, you need to be a gentleman in a sea of immature guys.

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