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Everyone knows they should be on the lookout for certain red flags on a first date. But what you might not know is that most guys will actually tell you how the relationship is going to play out during your very first interaction. Yep, you read that right! As the best Portland matchmaking service, we know what we’re talking about, ladies.

With that being said, here’s what you need to be on the lookout for on your next first date.

Today, our Portland matchmaking experts will show you the top red flags to look for on a first date.

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1. He’s had to cut toxic people out of his life.

Obviously, it’s wonderful to cut bad influences from your circle of friends. Who can disagree with that? But if he brings this up during the first date, it’s clearly something that’s close to the surface for him. What do we mean by that? We mean he’s probably pretty receptive to unhealthy habits, such as drug use. Give him the benefit of the doubt on this one, but only up to a certain degree. Be on the lookout for other indications of bad judgment, such as heavy drinking during your first date.

Also look out for signs of other addictions in life, such as gambling. Although it might not sound so harmful, it could spell great troubles.

2. He goes on and on about his crazy gym routine/beauty habits.

No one wants to date a narcissist, especially one who’s terrible at hiding it. Any guy who’s so obsessed with his appearance that he has to tell you his whole beauty regimen on the first date is going to be intolerable in a relationship. Any guy who’s too obsessed with himself to fully love someone else is a huge disaster waiting to happen. Save yourself the time and hassle.

3. He talks about his ex.

If a guy is talking about his ex-girlfriend during the first date, he probably isn’t ready to start a new relationship. Of course, some guys will tell you everything you need to hear about how the past is behind them and they’re ready to start something new, but even if you end up dating them, their heart still belongs to their ex because they haven’t completely healed from the breakup. Make sure he’s thoroughly healed and over his previous relationship before giving this guy a chance.

4. He asks if he can keep his phone on.

It’s nice for him to ask you that, right? Not so fast. Let’s face it, that’s a totally dumb question to ask and shows that he cares more about his phone than the first date. He is out with someone special, someone he should be working his hardest to impress, yet he’s more concerned with his phone?

If a guy is dumb enough to reveal his unhealthy habit of always being on the phone during the first date, you can be sure your relationship with him will show a pattern of selfishness on his end and frustration and loneliness for you.

Ladies, it’s not easy to find a quality guy in today’s dating scene. Keep an eye out for these four red flags on first dates and save yourself the time and frustration down the road.

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