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Fighting with your partner is inevitable. But it doesn’t have to go on forever and hurt the relationship. Not if both partners are willing to meet each other halfway and solve the problem right away. Our Portland matchmaking service has the solutions you need to move past a fight quickly and effectively.

Do you want to learn how to squash your differences in a calm and efficient way? Are you ready to learn how to end your fights and get back to your normal loving ways?

5 Simple Tips to End a Fight Quickly

Today, our Portland matchmaking service is going to show you how to end a fight in a relationship fast.

1. Sit near each other.

When we fight with someone, our body mimics the distance that’s growing between us emotionally. Furthermore, this happens because our instinct is to protect ourselves in a fight.

But what’s the point in being smart person if we cannot bypass this primitive emotional response?

So stop yourself from yelling at each other from far away. Instead, get close to your boyfriend and talk things out.

The proximity will be enough to calm the situation down. This shows that you’re able to make yourself vulnerable to them, even during a fight.

2. Little changes can help out a lot.

This tactic works wonderfully in situations where you and your partner have been fighting for a long time. For example, never doing the dishes or not picking up the wet towel from the floor. Forgetting to take the trash out is another big one couples fight about.

To do this, you need to convey that you love them but don’t like how they forget to do things that they know irritate you.

This doesn’t mean you need to yell at them. Emphasize why the habit is creating problems for you. Furthermore, offer to show them how to help you out in the easiest way. This is a great time to inquire about things you do that bother them. This shows that you’re not blaming them alone. They’ll see you’re interested in fixing things you do (or don’t do) too.

3. Take time out.

Popular wisdom suggests that we never go to bed before fixing the problem. But popular wisdom is wrong. It only escalates the problem and prevents your rational mind from coming into play.

So don’t be afraid to take some time out after a fight. Either by sleeping on it and talking about it the next day or by walking around the park to clear your mind. You should come back at a later time and discuss the issue when both of you are calm and rational.

It can dramatically improve the quality of your discussions and will shorten the duration of the fight.

4. Go for a walk.

Similarly, physical exercise is a great way to pull back from a heated argument and become rational again. It’s because exercise releases feel good endorphins in the brain, giving you natural feel good hormones.

So the next time you and your partner get into a fight, go for a quick walk around the neighborhood together. Although you must agree to remain silent for the duration of the walk. This just gives both of you the chance to clear your minds.

Walking isn’t the only thing you can do to clear your minds. You can go running, do some stretching, or even hit the gym. There are many ways you can clear your mind through exercise.

5. Apologize sincerely.

Never underestimate the importance of saying “I’m sorry” in a fight. Extending an appropriate apology is key in any argument, so make sure you’re not forgetting to do it right. Giving your partner a sincere apology is the quickest way to clear the air.

If your partner seems to struggle with saying they’re sorry, then it’s more crucial you show them the way. Setting a good example with an appropriate apology will help them see that it’s important to admit your faults and clear the emotional toxicity from your relationship.

All relationships encounter arguments and fights. If you want to solve your arguments in a healthy way, follow these five tips from our Portland matchmaking service. This will ensure you solve your problems effectively and move on without any hard feelings. In turn, this will keep your relationship happy and healthy in the long run.

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