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Isn’t it crazy how movies get the single life completely wrong? You would think they would have figured out by now that not being in a relationship doesn’t mean having the time of your life. Although being single doesn’t always appeal to you, there are many singles out there who live a fabulous life.

You truly have fun every day and care about life in general. You care more about your friends and your career than the fact that you are single. But even though it’s more difficult to meet that special someone today than it was years ago, there is more to the story. You might be solo for a few reasons that you didn’t even realize.

Today our Portland matchmaking team will show the top reasons you are single.

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1. You’re Too Picky

Too tall. Too short. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Red hair. An attorney. A doctor. If you can always find a problem with the people you date, whether physically or when it comes to their job or personality traits, then maybe it’s not them but rather you who’s the problem.

Being too picking in the dating world can be a pretty surefire way to stay single forever. Hey, it’s one thing to have standards and never settle for less than you deserve – but it’s totally different to never like anyone you date. You need to give people a chance and stop writing people off because of their professions or physical traits.

2. You Don’t Go on Second Dates

If you want a relationship, which you clearly do, then you have to go out on second dates. Of course, that’s much easier said than done, considering how many frogs the dating scene is full of, but you do have to go out on second dates. Maybe you never go on a second date because you can never meet anyone you really like, and that’s a valid reason. But hopefully you do start meeting relationship-worthy singles you can go on second dates with. It definitely doesn’t feel good only going on first dates without prospects for second dates.

3. You’re Too Busy

Your busy schedule is jam-packed these days, so it’s no wonder you don’t devote any time to dating. You see your friends during the week, go to parties and cool events on the weekend, and have to find time to go to the gym and take your dog out in the afternoons. Plus, you have a demanding career and huge dreams to pursue. But sometimes saying you’re too busy to date can be an excuse, so if you really want to find love this year, maybe it’s time to clear your schedule and say yes to more dates.

4. You Watch Too Much TV

Everyone loves a good binge-watching session to unwind. Thanks, Netflix for relaxing weekends at home. But unfortunately, if you’re single and Netflix is your only hobby, that could be the number one reason you are single today. After all, you have to leave your house to meet new people and go out on dates.

If you have fallen into a habit of spending your weekend’s binge-watching shows on Netflix, you need to end it now so you can finally find love. Get up from the couch and get out there. Your new boyfriend/girlfriend is waiting for you.

5. You’re Too Shy

In your regular, everyday life, you are not shy at all. You can talk to people normally and have a large circle of friends. Your friends would never say you are a shy person or the silent type – except when it comes to dating. You never go on dates because you’re terrified to put yourself out there and make a mistake – even though everyone makes mistakes. If you’re scared to tell someone how you feel or even ask them to go out on a date, it’s no wonder you’re single today. You have to let go of those fears and put yourself out there so you can finally find true love.

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