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Middle aged couple sitting on the sofa having a disputeWe know that it’s getting harder and harder to find quality men today. But don’t worry, because as Portland matchmakers with over 30 years helping local singles find love, we know they’re out there! Really, they are, ladies!

A toxic guy will come across as Prince Charming during the early stages of the relationship – oh, so sweet and adoring. He will listen to a woman carefully and give her all her heart has ever desired until he reels her in. That’s when everything changes in the relationship – that’s when Prince ‘Not so Charming’ really surfaces and shows his true colors.

You don’t ever want to reach this point because it will be very difficult to escape him. And even if you do, heartache is sure to ensue.

Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you the ultimate warning signs he’s toxic. Ladies, beware!

1. He wants to be the center of attention.

It can be quite exhausting dealing with a guy that acts like a child all the time and wants to get attention from you 24/7. If he is the type of guy who wants your attention and needs to talk to you all day, you’ve got yourself a problem.

All he wants and craves is attention from you, and he expects your life to revolve around him. Without attention, a toxic guy is inconsolable and is not even his own self. He needs you to always be there for him and will complain if you don’t give him attention. This is draining and not healthy for you.

2. He brings her down by judging her.

Is your man always making sure you know when you did something wrong? If so, he’s toxic.

He will constantly judge you and make you feel like you are below him. In other words, he’ll take a blow at your self-esteem by always putting you down when you do something that isn’t right. By always making you feel like you make mistakes, he stands in judgment in order to put you down. To him, everything you do isn’t up to par. It’s just never right, and he’ll be sure to let you know.

3. He loves to stir the pot with everyone.

Stay far away from a guy who loves to start drama. If he is a drama king, chances are, he is a toxic guy. He is the king of starting conflict because it gets him going. And if there isn’t conflict going on at any given time in his life, he’ll be sure to start some.

One of his main hobbies includes putting his nose where it doesn’t belong. Because he is so unhappy with his life, he feeds off other people’s business. And since he loves to start drama, chances are he doesn’t have any friends. Does your guy have a small, unreliable group of friends that you wouldn’t even consider his real friends? How about his family? Are they even still in the picture? If not, you know why – because you’re dealing with a totally toxic guy!

4. He’s full of promises.

Promises do not mean anything if they’re empty ones. Let us clear that one up for you so you fully understand what we’re talking about here. When you met him, he may have swept you off your feet with loving promises, only for you to later discover that they were just empty lies. The problem with this, besides never making them come true, is that toxic guys will only promise things to get what they want and to keep the woman in their life. His promises are disguised lies that are meant to fool you and grant him even more control over you. If your guy promises you the world and never delivers, not even with simple things like calling you when he says he will, it’s time to kiss this toad goodbye.

Tired of dating toxic guys? Contact our Portland matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. Let us do the hard work of scouting and screening for you so you can show up and enjoy meeting guys who are emotionally stable and fit for a serious relationship. Contact our Portland matchmakers today and kiss toxic guys goodbye for good!

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