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Think you’ve met the one? We asked our dating and relationships experts here at Portland Singles Dating Service to help us spot the clues that indicate serious boyfriend material.

Get ready to find out how your man measures up, as our Portland matchmakers reveal the telltale signs you found yourself a keeper.

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1. He is kind to the waiter.

You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he treats and speaks to those who wait on him. If the two of you are out getting dinner together, watch how he treats the waiter – This will tell you a lot about him and his true character.

If he’s rude to the waiter and bartender, then he isn’t considerate or nice to anyone he thinks is below him. And that could create problems in your relationship.

Someone who is nice and shows kindness towards everyone, especially those who are waiting on him, is someone you want as a boyfriend.

2. He looks good when he shows up.

Taking care of one’s appearance is key – and showing up on a first date looking like you just came from the gym means that you really don’t care. It’s a big deal if he puts effort into making himself look good. If he looks sweaty or he’s stinky, he might just not care that much about you.

A guy that shows up looking amazing and well-groomed is letting you know that he wants to impress you – and most importantly, he wants you to like him. If he’s not making the effort on the first date, he probably won’t make any efforts throughout the life of your relationship.

3. He makes a grim situation bright.

Sometimes things can happen on first dates that are unexpected and can’t be helped. How he deals with those situations can tell you a lot about him.

Does he get angry at the waiter for bringing his meal a few minutes late? Did he get angry because the restaurant forgot to reserve his table? Did he get angry because he couldn’t find parking? Or did he go with the flow and let it all go?

4. You feel comfortable being yourself.

To some degree, everyone is on their best behavior during a first date because they don’t want to make any mistakes. But there are also times when someone’s true colors come out. If you feel awkward or insecure during your first date with him, he might not be the right guy for you.

But if he makes you feel so comfortable that you feel like you can let your guard down, that’s a great sign. If you feel like you don’t have to put on a front to impress the other person and most communication feels safe and easy-going, that’s a very good sign you have a great connection and the potential for long-term compatibility.

5. He behaves like a true gentleman.

Sure, we may be living in very different times, but we assure you that chivalry is not dead. There are plenty of guys who are still gentleman. Here at Portland Singles, we think it’s a pretty amazing quality to have.

A guy should be a gentleman regardless of what this generation does or believes in. And that’s something you will be able to see right away on your first date.

He may open the door for you, pull out your chair, or even pick you up from your home (if you know each other already). If he treats you like a queen, then he’s a keeper.

So, tell us, did you find yourself a keeper? Or are you still searching for your Mr. Right?

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded single men in Portland, contact our Portland matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. Let us introduce you to quality men who are kind, chivalrous, respectful, and compatible with you.

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