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Are you one of the many single women in Portland who’s wondering how to become more attractive? You’re not alone! As the best Portland matchmakers, we’ve heard it time and time again. So many single women in Portland want to know how to be become more attractive to men, and it’s no wonder.

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Fashion magazines aimed at women spend millions of dollars every year to research what exactly makes people attracted to others – a majority of it aimed around looks and appearances when they should save a lot of their time and efforts by just studying science. The fashion and the make-up industry are billion-dollar industries that women invest their money on in attempts to look good, for themselves and others.

For many years, we have been attempting to dissect what makes us attractive to people. A lot of men have been noted saying that while looks first attract them to a woman, if she doesn’t have a good personality to back up her attractive looks, they wouldn’t stick around. However, that’s not what sells beauty products. Right, ladies?

In this dating article, our Portland matchmakers will go over sure-fire – and super simple – ways to make yourself more attractive to men. Are you ready to kick up your dating life and start capturing the attention of men?

1. Point your chin upwards.

Anyone that takes a lot of selfies during the week understands that this is rule number one when facing the camera: always point your chin upward. We understand that this can make your face appear sharper and give you a good jaw line. And let’s face it, the more prominent your cheekbones the more attractive you will be. Easy peasy, right?

2. Boost your adrenaline.

Anyone who drinks coffee everyday will be able to tell you this right out of the gate: adrenaline works as a natural aphrodisiac. And when your adrenaline is going, it tends to calm your nerves and make you more confident. This is why first dates usually take place at your local coffee shop. If caffeine isn’t your favorite thing, you can also take up an extreme sport to boost your adrenaline.

Take it from us, even a quick run around the neighborhood or gym session will boost your adrenaline and confidence. And as Portland matchmakers with over 30 years of experience in the business of love, we know there’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman!

3. Don’t bathe in perfume.

Everyone knows someone like this, that person who thinks they need to bathe in perfume in order to attract someone. Pee-eww! No one likes to be bombarded by a particular smell, no matter how great smells.

Just the right amount of perfume can mix well with our scents, which is why it’s always best to just spray or spritz a little bit. Remember that a little goes a long way here, ladies.

4. Be positive all the time.

Positivity is a wonderful thing to have in your arsenal, especially if it’s pure and genuine. Having a negative outlook on things is never attractive, especially to men. One of the simplest ways to be more likeable to everyone around you, and more desirable to men, is to be happy and have a positive outlook about life. Smile and project a friendly and inviting aura everywhere you go. Just make sure it’s sincere.

5. Stand up straight.

Growing up, we were always told not to slouch since it’s horrible for our posture in the long run. And yes, it can be. But I can also be a burden on your dating life when you get older and slumped over all the time. Slouching gives off a shy and timid look that can make you appear more insecure to those around you. Sitting up straight and walking straight with your back arched gives off a confident look, and that’s noted in magazines. It works for all genders. So listen to your mother and stand up straight.

Although this is a simple way to immediately project a look of confidence, it’s not easy to accomplish without a bit of practice. But once you get into the swing of things, it will naturally happen for you.

You see, being attractive isn’t all about looking good with the latest fashion tips and make-up trends. Being attractive is about giving off a friendly, positive, and confident vibe that everyone wants to be around. Implement these five simple tips from our Portland matchmakers and watch the turnaround in your dating life.

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