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Have you been fighting more frequently? Are you worried that your relationship is going to come crashing down? Or is it completely healthy and normal to fight this much?

Settle in as the most reputable Portland dating service, Portland Singles, delves deep into relationship fights.

A lot of people out there would tell you that it’s completely normal to fight in your relationship. After all, with everyday life stressors, things can’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time, right? Plus, some fights are necessary and even healthy, right?

Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you should fall into the trap of believing all fighting is good. So how do you know your relationship fights aren’t crossing the line? How can you know if your relationship fights are healthy or dangerous?

As dating and relationship experts, we know there’s a major difference between wondering why he can’t hang up his towel and lower the toilet seat and not being able to have a simple conversation anymore.

Read on to discover how much relationship fighting is too much. If the following relationship red flags resonate with you, then you need to figure out if this relationship is right for you. If these hit home for you, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but you might not be meant for one another.

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1. Seriousness leads to a full-blown fight.

Are you afraid to talk about anything serious? Does every attempt at an honest, serious conversation turn into a fight? Does your partner get mean, angry or accuse you of being too overly sensitive every time you bring up something serious, especially if it’s something that is bothering you?

If you answered “yes,” then you’re clearly fighting too much. When you’re in a solid and healthy relationship, you can talk about anything and everything, no matter how uncomfortable it is. When you’re both able to open up, be honest, and can maturely talk about and solve issues together, you’re in a healthy relationship. But if every discussion leads to a fight, then there is clearly something wrong, and you need to look at that.

2. You’re fighting in the public’s eye.

Do the two of you fight just as much as you do at home when you’re in public? Most everyone would agree that fighting in public is a bit embarrassing, more so than having an argument at home. Really, who wants their parents, siblings, or buddies to see them arguing and yelling about who’s turn it was to take the trash out or to do the laundry?

If you’re fighting just as much in public as you do when you’re behind closed doors, that’s a surefire sign you’re fighting far more than you should be.

3. Even invites bring on fights.

Most couples are happy when they get invited to a social get together, including holiday parties at work and backyard barbeques with family and friends. But if every time you get invited to a social event the two of you end up arguing, that’s a bad sign. If something that you should look forward to doing together is always more dreadful than joyful, you have some serious relationship issues that need to be worked out.

Nobody likes to fight, especially with someone they love and care for. If you can relate to these three signs in your relationship, then you’re definitely not in a good place. It’s up to you to decide whether you stick around and work it out or come to a mutual agreement that your relationship has hit a brick wall.

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