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mature dating in Portland

Mature dating in Portland can be fun exciting. But it can also be frustrating and creepy.

At one point in your dating life, you are going to encounter someone that you label a creep or a clinger. Ugh! This guy can’t seem to take a hint despite your best efforts. He always thinks your encounters mean more than they really do. Unfortunately, chances are he already defined the relationship from the first time he saw you.

Sometimes, you don’t realize these people are clingers until you’ve fallen in their trap. As Portland matchmakers, we know this is definitely is a huge downside of dating today.

In order to help you avoid falling for creepers and clingers, our expert matchmakers are going to show you the telltale warning signs he’s a stage five clinger.

1. He gets fired up.

No one likes to be ignored, especially by the person we have a crush on. However, what if you’re ignoring the guy who is way too into you? Does that make it right?

You may not have the same eagerness he does if he is a stage five clinger, which is normal. What is not normal is if you do not answer him and he literally goes crazy. That’s right, he has a legit meltdown and lets you know about it. If he feels entitled to your time after a few dates, he’s totally a stage five clinger. Run away – FAST!

2. He texts all the time.

Talking about texting, as adults we’re busy; not everyone has free time on their hands to text all the time… Except a stage five clinger. So, what happens? Your phone goes off all day long. You feel constant vibrating notifications in your pocket, and so you casually check to see who it is and, of course, it’s him. Ugh, how frustrating! When you finally reply, he blasts you with more text messages. Can’t this guy take a hint?

3. He pushes to see you.

No lady wants a desperate guy.

However, if you come across that guy who is extremely desperate after the first date, do not hold the line. What will he do? He’ll be pushing for a second date to no end. That’s right, he won’t take no for an answer. Does he not have a life of his own? Who knows, but he is already obsessed with you so you’re all he cares about now. This guy has a fear of you saying no, but also won’t accept it.

4. He goes to all the places you go.

There is absolutely nothing creepier than this. Whether it is a guy you just met, or one that you have started seeing, if he is showing up to places you’re at without an actual invite, don’t just scratch your head and let it roll over.

Just because you told him where you were going, doesn’t mean he was invited to go. If he is just showing up, on more than one occasion, it is not an accident. This guy is going overboard and invading your personal life. To put it simply, he is totally a stage five clinger.

5. He befriends your friends.

What? Yeah, he totally did! Now, it’s one thing if he’s met them and you’ve all gone out and had a good time. But if he’s never even met them and is friending them on social media, that’s a major red flag.

Why is he becoming friends with your friends? To keep a closer eye on you. Run while you can!

Tired of dating guys who are too clingy and don’t know how to be in a relationship? Mature dating in Portland is tough. Let our Portland matchmakers do the hard work of dating for you. Let us screen and qualify dates to ensure they’re fit to date and compatible with you. Let us introduce you to quality single men in Portland who are a perfect match for you!

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