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So you’re in a relationship and want to make it last. Of course, the last thing you want is for your boyfriend to go chasing after another woman. You want to be the best girlfriend so he only has eyes for you. How do you do this?

As it turns out, there’s not one secret for staying together forever. But there are a few things you can do to be the best girlfriend for him. Read on as our Lake Oswego dating service reveals the top tips to be the best girlfriend you can be and give your relationship the best chance at lasting a lifetime.

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1. Be a Good Friend

Remember that you’re in a relationship. You’re not just there for fun in the bedroom. There must be a deep connection and intimacy outside of the bedroom. Be a companion to him. Be his number one friend. Share your interests. Respect his views. Be the one person he can go to for anything, good or bad.

2. Give Him Space

Clingy girlfriends are a huge turn off for men. While constant calling and texting might be okay during the early stages of a relationship, it can get old fast. If you don’t ease up on the calls or texts or demand that he spends all his free time with you, he’ll want to break free from you. Show that you trust him enough to let him live his life. In the end, if he wants to be with you, he’ll be the one doing the chasing.

3. Like His Friends

A good girlfriend will not cause drama with her man’s friends—or worse, make him choose between her and them. Remember, his friends were there before you came into the picture, so you need to respect that. They might act like college kids at times, but they’re his friends in the end. You wouldn’t want him to come between you and your gal pals, right?

4. Make His Friends Like You

Another way to get the love and affection you want is to make his friends like you. Their seal of approval is a great pat on your boyfriend’s back. If his friends like you, he’ll be proud to have you as his girlfriend.

5. Feed Him Well

Food is really the best way to a man’s heart. And while you can’t be in the kitchen all the time, you can at least prepare one of his favorite meals once a week. It doesn’t matter if it’s banana pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning or a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich for him to take to work, you’re showing him you want to take care of him by preparing his favorite goodies.

6. Make Him Feel Appreciated

Look at the way he treats you and think about the things you do together. Find ways to show your appreciation for him and everything he does for the relationship. Showing him that you value and appreciate his efforts will make him feel confident in the relationship. Something as simple as a text message or a sticky note on his briefcase will make him feel special and loved.

While relationships should be fun and comfortable, and not an endless struggle or competition, you must put your best foot forward. After all, if you care enough about your boyfriend, you’ll naturally want to be the best girlfriend you can be. Everyone has room for improvement, and if you follow these six dating tips from our Lake Oswego dating service, you’ll be the best girlfriend for your man. You can rest assured he won’t want to look for another woman.

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