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Okay, so maybe there isn’t such a thing as the perfect boyfriend. We all know that by now. You just want to know if he’s a good boyfriend so you can fully devote yourself to him and the relationship. As the best Lake Oswego dating service, we’re here to help you do just that.

Are you searching for signs you’re dating a good guy? Want to know he’s worth your time?

If you’re searching for clear-cut signs you’re making the right choice, let our Lake Oswego dating service help you out.  Today, our Portland matchmakers are going to show you the top three signs he’s a great boyfriend.

1. He doesn’t mind being a plus one.

On one note, if your boyfriend always says yes to being your plus-one, that’s a sign he’s a great boyfriend. He gets that it’s important to you. Furthermore, he wouldn’t want to make you mad or make you go to something on your own. He knows that sometimes, that’s just plain awkward. Your guy doesn’t want to make you sweat whether he’s going or make you feel awkward going alone.

It’s key in a relationship to try your best to make the other person happy. That means going places you don’t really want to go, such as work parties or to friends’ get-togethers. If your boyfriend doesn’t mind going with you, he’s a great boyfriend. Furthermore, if he’s always a trooper, you should keep him.

2. He doesn’t mind talking about the future.

Some people are scared of the future and think that it’s too much to consider. Others know that talking about the future is key to a healthy relationship.

Your boyfriend is great if he doesn’t mind talking about the future of the relationship with you. If you can sit down and talk to him about the future together, he’s a great boyfriend. When you want to talk about serious things, such as when you want to start a family, he is totally present. He says that it’s good that you brought such an important topic up and that he wants to start planning it with you. He doesn’t complain or run away from talking about the future together.

3. You have a shared life.

For many people, a dream relationship would be spending lots and lots of time together. It can be very romantic to have that special someone around you and can make anything in life seem easy. No matter what kind of week you’re having, you know that you have someone waiting for you at home who will be with you no matter what.

You can be sure that you’ve got a great boyfriend when you’re really sharing your lives together. You have the same schedule or at least try to mesh your schedules. If you want to go home after work and prepare a delish meal together or just sit on the sofa and watch movies, you’re able to do just that. You’re a big part of each other’s lives and it’s exactly what you both want.

So tell us, how does your guy measure up? How many of these great boyfriend traits do you see in your guy? We hope you found your dream guy.

Single? Ready to find a boyfriend with the amazing qualities we just talked about? Contact us today. Let the best Lake Oswego dating service help you find true love.

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