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It’s not easy to be single during the festive holiday season. Between couples kissing at cocktail parties, intrusive questions about your dating life (or lack thereof) from nosy relatives and friends, and not having someone to kiss when the New Year’s Eve ball drops, the romantically unattached might feel like hibernating at home until it’s all over. And let’s not even get started on the despair those who are newly single face over the holidays. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be that way—not this year. As the best Oregon dating service, we have simple and effective tips you can implement to navigate the holidays alone.

Here’s how you can manage your expectations and come out of the holidays unscathed and even joyful. Yes, you read that right—it is absolutely possible!

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1. Start a new tradition.

If you have recently gone through a breakup or separation, you probably have many memories associated with your ex. Do not reenact them. Reliving the same holiday can be very painful. Instead, we want you to find new ways to celebrate the holidays that don’t remind you of your past relationship. If you always had ham, for example, do a turkey this year instead. If you always had pumpkin pie, then do a different dessert this year. If you always relied on an artificial tree, it’s time to do a live one this time around. See, there are many ways you can change up your traditions at Christmas.

2. Decline invitations to get togethers that you don’t want to attend.

Even those who don’t mind their single status any other time of the year tend to mind it during the holiday season. If you’re an introvert and feeling down and out, those party invitations will be the last thing you want to accept—and that’s okay. If you’re worried it’s going to be a dinner full of couples, then politely decline. You don’t have to put yourself through a situation where you’re the only single one at the table. Your friends and family will understand. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a place where everyone is butting into your business.

3. If there’s a chance you’ll have fun, go!

You might be a little sad that you’re single for the holidays, but sometimes hanging out with your friends is the best medicine. Don’t obsess about the fact that there will be couples because partners aren’t always connected at the hips, especially at parties. You’ll get a chance to mingle with your friends and have some fun—just what the holidays are for. If someone invites you to a party and you think you’re going to have fun, then say yes and go.

4. Make new friends.

Another advantage of saying yes to those holiday invitations is the opportunity to meet new people. But be cautious of setting yourself up for disappointment. Whatever the event, it should be something you want to attend to have fun, not just because you’re looking for a romantic connection. That way if you don’t meet anyone while you’re there, you’re not disappointed in the end. View it as an opportunity to mingle with your friends, and if you meet someone new, perfect. If not, no big deal.

5. Have your own holiday party.

You don’t have to wait for someone to invite you to a party when you can take it upon yourself to host your own. Whether it’s a singles only party or everyone’s invited, throw your own cocktail mixer, play holiday tunes, have some wine, and enjoy some delicious food with great company.

6. Remember that your family asks because they love you.

Unfortunately, most singles are going to be asked that dreaded question: “Why are you single?” Don’t flip out on your Uncle Mike or Aunt Mary. They’re just asking because they love you and are wondering why you’re single. You can respond like this: “I appreciate your concern, but I’m doing just fine on my own,” or, “While I’m interested in meeting someone, I’m taking my time because I don’t want to end up with the wrong person.”

See, we told you that you could make it through the holiday season with your spirits intact. The key to get through the holidays unscathed is simply to enjoy fun and festivities with those you do have in your life.

If you’re single and want to meet someone special this holiday season, contact our Oregon dating service today. Let our matchmakers introduce you to relationship-minded singles in Portland who are compatible with you so you never have to spend another holiday alone.

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