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A bouquet of red roses, a box of delicious chocolates, or a dinner at a romantic restaurant are all sweet and romantic things to do. Yes, we know all you ladies reading this are melting right now just thinking about being romanced this way. After all, these are all the hallmarks of true love and romance. Our Happy Valley matchmaking service knows one thing: we can get really caught up in the expectations of these things happening in a relationship. Fortunately for some lucky ladies out there, there are guys that know how to be romantic and shower their girlfriends with love and romance.

But unfortunately, there are other guys who have no idea how to be romantic. Want to know what type of boyfriend you have, if he’s romantic or not?

Let our Portland matchmakers at the best Happy Valley matchmaking service show you the top five signs your guy isn’t the romantic type.

1. He complains about his friends in relationships.

It’s very likely that your boyfriend isn’t going to be the romantic type of all he does is complain about his friends who are already in a relationship. He could complain about them every day, or every once in a while. Either way, it still says that he doesn’t like the whole idea of being in a committed relationship.

He might say that his friends can’t spend as much time with him as they used to because now they have girlfriends. It’s not much fun to hear him say these things because you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, gee, what about me?” But at least you know how he feels about romance and relationships. Maybe it’s time you think about whether you can maintain a relationship like this or if you need more from a partner.

2. He doesn’t want to double date.

If your boyfriend says no whenever you ask him what he thinks about a double date with some friends, that’s another red flag. He definitely isn’t the romantic type if he hates double dates. It seems like being around other couples makes him feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t want other people to watch the way he interacts with you.

Usually, double dates are a great way for couples to get out, have fun, and stay social. Plus, it gives them a chance to appreciate their partners. Why does your guy hate it so much?

3. He forgets your anniversary.

Do you celebrate your anniversary every month, saying how great it is to be together for six months or nine months and so on? Or do you think that anniversaries should be only celebrated once a year?

No matter how you view it, you probably want to be with someone who wants to celebrate those important milestones with you. When he always forgets these important milestones and can’t ever say how long you’ve been together, it’s another sign that he isn’t the romantic type.

4. He hates taking pictures with you.

Does your boyfriend flinch and move away from you when you try to sneak a couple’s selfie? You might just think that he is a little camera shy… Or maybe he just isn’t having a good hair day.

Sure, those things could happen to anyone. But if he’s like this all the time, it’s because he isn’t romantic and doesn’t like those sorts of things.

5. He thinks it’s absurd when you get dolled up for him.

Instead of complimenting you and appreciating your efforts, he doesn’t get it. Whether he doesn’t notice or asks you why you’re all dressed up, it’s a sign he just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get romance. Most men, even if they’re not romantic themselves, will value your efforts to look good for them once in a while. If he doesn’t understand the importance of taking care of yourself and wanting to look good for each other, this could cause resentment for you. this is especially true if you are a hopeless romantic yourself.

How many of these five signs do you recognize in your guy? Is he just not the romantic type? Do you need from a relationship? If you don’t feel valued, loved, and appreciated by your partner, you’re going to struggle to keep this relationship alive.

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