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You might think your pretty face, beautiful curves, and killer home-cooked meals will win a guy over.  But think again!  When it comes to making a man fall in love with you, those things will only get you so far.  They might work for a while, but they won’t create an emotion connection with you.  So instead of spending your free time preparing him burgers at home, you should focus on other ways to win his heart over (outside of the kitchen).  These secret techniques and tricks from the most exclusive matchmakers in Portland are going to make him connect with you, and only you!

If you met a guy you don’t want to lose, you definitely want to follow the matchmaking secrets revealed below.  So get ready as our matchmakers show you how to win his heart over and connect on a deeper level.

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1. Give Him Kudos

The best way to win a guy over is to give him kudos when he does something you like.  It can be as simple as returning your calls when he said he would, showing up to your house when he promised he would, or taking you to the restaurant he mentioned on your first date.  When it comes to your relationship, your guy will do whatever it takes to make you happy, so you need to let him know it’s working so he continues to put in the efforts.

You don’t have to go all out with the kudos.  Even a small thank you will go a long way with your guy.  Soon enough, the things he does will become second nature.

2. Know Your Worth

Men like to be in a relationship with a woman who respects herself and knows her self-worth, so treat yourself like you are the ultimate prize.  Knowing your worth is essential for being in a relationship.  When you know you deserve the best, you’ll never settle for anything other than that.

You have to improve your confidence and set the bar high so he follows suit.  If you stay strong and refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve, he will be instantly attracted to you because he knows you’re worthy.  He will find it nearly impossible not to fall in love with you.

3. Laugh Things Off

You can’t go on in life taking everything so seriously or you’ll die of stress.  If you have a bad attitude and are always complaining about everything under the sun, you’re going to push every man away.  It will be nearly impossible to have a happy face every day, but if you can let laughter be the soundtrack of your life, you’ll be one step closer to having a happy and healthy relationship.

Men are highly attracted to easygoing and down-to-earth women.  Show him that you’re able to laugh at life, at yourself, and at everything that comes your way.

4. Leave Him Alone from Time to Time

That’s right, one of the top things men dislike about women is neediness and clinginess, which is why it’s so important to leave him alone.  As much as you’re dying to hear from him, don’t continually reach out to him.  If he hasn’t responded to your first call, don’t call or text again.  Don’t show up to his job and bring lunch announced, don’t stop at his house if he didn’t invite you, and definitely don’t reach out to his friends if you haven’t heard from him in days.  It will only make you look clingy and desperate.

It sounds harsh, but men don’t want anything to do with a clingy woman.  It’s time for you to live your life and show him that you’re independent.  Turn off your phone for a few hours when you hang out with your friends, spend more time with your family, join a club, volunteer, and do anything else that brings you joy.  You will realize that spending time apart will actually make your new relationship grow.

5. Be Accepting of His Flaws

Have you ever dated a guy who constantly judged you?  No matter what you did or said, he always threw in his two cents and made you feel inferior?  Those types of guys are toxic, certainly not the ones you want to be with.  They want you to believe that they have your best interest at heart when they don’t.

When it comes to your new relationship, you definitely don’t want to judge him.  His ex-girlfriend probably did a lot of that, which is the reason she is no longer in the picture.  To win his heart over, show him that you’re accepting of him, flaws and all.

6. Keep Things Fun

Have you ever dated a guy who never wanted to leave the house, so all you did was hibernate in your bedroom and watch TV?  Well, we know what cost him that relationship, boredom!  No matter how much you think comfy nights are better than nights out on the town, don’t let those fun times on the town become few and far between.  You need to continue doing the same things you did during the first few weeks of dating in order for your relationship to grow.  And, sorry, but binge-watching Netflix isn’t going to be enough.

As the most exclusive matchmakers in Portland, we always advise our clients to keep their relationship fun and exciting by planning fun things to do together outside the house.  You can go miniature golfing, bowling, or to a comedy show.  Better yet, now that spring is here, why not indulge in an outdoor picnic or a local farmers market?  You need to do anything that gets the two of you moving, engaged, and laughing because that’s how you keep the spark alive.

Making a man fall in love with you takes more than good looks and good eats.  It takes efforts and dedication.  We hope that after reading this blog, our expert tips help you make him fall for you in no time.

If you’re single & searching for love in Portland, let the most exclusive matchmakers in Portland introduce you to relationship-minded men who are compatible with you!

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