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Just because you and your partner get a long, doesn’t mean the relationship is going to last. In fact, it takes a lot more than just chemistry to keep a relationship alive. We are going to show you the must-know, long-term relationship advice that’ll keep your relationship alive forever.

The must-know long-term relationship advice you need to know is finally about to come your way.

Relationships, whether new or old, aren’t easy. Humans are a handful. We like things to go our way. We want everything to go smoothly, yet we don’t want to invest any time into our relationships. But here’s the thing, relationships are hard work.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, then you already know the compromises you made when you didn’t want to. But this is what a relationship is based on, two people making compromises for each other. We know, it doesn’t sound like the most glamorous thing, but that’s what you need to do.

This should not be looked at in a negative way. Relationships have so many advantages that when you’re single, you miss being in a relationship. Of course, since you’re here, you’re probably in a relationship already and looking to make things better between you and your partner.

And as the best matchmakers in Portland, we have your back. Get ready as our professional matchmakers reveal the best long-term relationship advice.

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1. Have your own space.

Whether it’s a new or long-term relationship, this is a very important piece of advice to follow. You need to have your own space and personal time. If you live together, give yourself time to do things you like without your partner. Hang out with friends, work out, do yoga or read a book. Do things on your own without them, and keep your independence alive.

2. Choose your battles wisely.

If you’ve been together for a while, then you’re aware of the flaws you both have. The more time you spend with each other, the more information you have to use against them when a fight comes up.

Instead of picking up every argument that comes your way, take some time to think about whether or not it’s actually worth fighting over.

3. Keep up with the communication.

But seriously, we tend to stop communicating because we think we know everything about our partners. But just because you’ve been with them for a couple years doesn’t mean you know them. You need to continue to maintain the lines of open communication at all times. No matter how long you’ve been with them, they can’t read your mind and vice versa.

4. Go on more dates.

Sure, you have been together for a long time now, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop going on dates. Date nights are easy, but of all the long-term relationship advice people need to focus on, this is the first thing that is overlooked. Don’t be lazy. Having a date night is a great way to keep your relationship alive. Try new restaurants in town, head to a local art gallery or try a new spa together.

5. Let go of the expectations.

If you give your partner a compliment or surprise them with a gift, don’t expect something back. Being in a relationship isn’t about you giving in order to gain something in return. You give because it makes you feel good and you really love them. It’ll show them your appreciation, and they’ll feel happier in the relationship.

Now that you know the secrets to long-term relationship success, it’s time that you put it to action and start practicing it in your relationship.

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