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So we’re sure you’re wondering when it’s the perfect time to kiss a woman. We understand your nerves and stress about this awkward topic, and it’s not an easy thing to do.

If you’re fresh in the dating scene, you might not realize the signs women give when they’re ready for a kiss. Once you start dating more often, things will get easier. So whether you’re divorced, fresh out of a long-term relationship, or just haven’t dated in a while, we’re going to let you in on a few little secrets that will help you figure out when it’s the perfect time to kiss a woman.

It’s not that hard, but you need to pay close attention to these signs. Usually, they’re very obvious. However, if you’re nervous, you could overlook them. Today, our Beaverton matchmaking service will reveal how to know she’s ready for a kiss from you.

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1. If you ask her and she says she’s ready.

Now, there will be times when a woman will head straight for your lips. So if she kisses you first, then you already know she wanted to kiss you. Truth be told, asking if you can kiss her is actually cute and sexy, so don’t be afraid that it will kill the mood because it won’t. if she’s digging you, she’ll think it’s sweet.

2. When she feels relaxed with you.

We mean this in a very specific way. If she hugs you and pulls back her hair, then you know she’s ready for a kiss. If you pull back her hair and she’s looking at you in a relaxed way, that’s also a good sign. If you feel like you forced her to kiss you, you probably did. In that case, stop right there.

3. When she goes for it.

Not all women make the first move, but plenty of them will. Of course, it’s super attractive when a woman makes the first move since it lets you know she’s interested in you. Then all you have to do is continue kissing her. And it doesn’t get much easier than that, right?

4. When the perfect moment happens.

You know what moment we’re talking about. You’ve seen it in romantic movies time and time again. It’s the moment where everything goes quiet and you’re looking right into each other’s eyes. Perhaps her hand touches your hair or your face, and that’s when you know it’s the perfect moment.

5. When she gives you 10%.

Everyone knows the popular 90/10 rule. This is a pretty easy way to gauge if she wants to kiss you or not. If you lean in 90% and pause for a second and she moves 10% towards you, then she definitely wants to be kissed.

6. She gets close to you.

Maybe you’re sitting at a coffee shop and notice she gets closer to you, to the point that her body is right next to yours. This doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to kiss you, but it definitely shows that she’s feeling you. The next step is to continue doing what you’re doing because it’s obviously working.

7. She touches you.

Non-verbal communication is also a huge indication of whether she’s into you or not. Is she touching you, or rubbing your arm or leg? These are signs she’s feeling you. If she’s in your personal space, that’s also a sign she’s into you. Try to mimic her moves and see how she responds.

8. She lingers when it’s time to say goodbye.

You walked her to her front door, and you’re both standing there. You already know that she likes you or she would’ve rushed in her door. If she fidgets around and stays out a little bit longer, why not try the 90/10 test? If she gives you 10%, you already know you’re safe to move in for your first kiss.

Now that you know when it’s the perfect time to kiss a woman, it’s about time you muster up the courage and try your luck with this special woman. Remember every man has had this feeling of uncertainty, so relax. You will get it right if you learn how to read the signs she’s ready.

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